Woman run over in Oakland carjacking

A 71-year-old woman is in a hospital with major injuries after she was run over by a carjacker near the Oakland Coliseum.

"There is no excuse for doing something like that to my mother," said Amanda Cuffle. "She's a nice person, she's mellow, she wouldn't, she doesn't deserve this."

She said, "My mom's laying there, fighting for her life. She was in ICU for, like two weeks."

It happened along Oakport Street. Cuffle's brother was living in a van, but because of street construction, he had to leave.

So Cuffle's mother Bonnie Caya rented a Uhaul truck to help him move on October 21. But she was confronted by a man, who got into the Uhaul and began struggling with her. Her son heard the commotion.

"He heard my mom screaming. So he went running out towards her, and the guy got nervous, who was in the car kicking my mom, she was holding onto the steering wheel," Cuffle said.

The carjacker threw the Uhaul into reverse and smashed into another truck coming down the street.

"And my brother thought, 'Oh God, thank God,the guy stopped, because I can get my mom.' Well, right when that happened, my mom started to let go, because she thought she would be OK to let go and, it wasn't OK, because the guy threw it in drive and ran right over her."

Caya's hip and pelvic bones were crushed. She had to be transferred to St. Francis Hospital in San Francisco for specialized care.

"She has big gaping wounds on her body to where now she has to have skin grafts and they have to keep cleaning out the wounds," Cuffle said.

Oakland police responded to the scene and took a report.  A suspect was arrested after he was found in the carjacked Uhaul in Visalia.

The family doesn't know if police found Caya's purse or her son's belongings, which were in the truck.

But one thing, for sure, is still missing - a dog named Jack Jack.

Her brother's Jack Russell mix was in the Uhaul when it was carjacked. No one knows where he is. And so the family's anguish is now twofold.

"Please just return Jack Jack. My brother is beside himself with worrying not only for my mom but for his dog. The dog is like his best friend, his kid," Cuffle said.