Concertgoer injured in shooting while waiting outside Oakland's Fox Theater

A woman was struck by gunfire in a mid-day shooting near Oakland's Fox Theater Wednesday, authorities said.

According to the Oakland Police Department, the shooting occurred around 2:30 p.m. in the 1900 block Telegraph Avenue.

Officers said a woman was wounded. She was transported to a local hospital where she is listed in stable condition. KTVU has learned she was a concertgoer and is expected to survive. 

Witnesses said there were car break ins in progress along 19th Street which is in clear view of the theater's entrance way. 

One witness said one of the vehicle owners confronted persons breaking into their car by pulling out a gun. Gunfire erupted with the suspects returning fire at the car owner.

Suspects fled in a car, according to witnesses. That's when witnesses say a stray bullet struck the woman. 

"It was rapid fire, basically automatic rifle or something like that," said witness Abba Yahudah. He said the woman was shot in the arm. 

Police did not confirm those witness accounts of a gun battle. Evidence markers indicate at least 17 shots were fired. 

Some cars were pierced by bullets. The hail of gunfire caused people to scatter, including children from a nearby school. 

"All these children were down there. And I'm like, how could you? What time…what's happening?" said Yahudah. 

There have been no arrests. No suspect information is available. This shooting remains under police investigation. 

Local restaurant owner Paul Canales of Duende was one of the first people to come to the woman's aid. 

"She was conscious and talking. They had her, you know…pressed, which was right," Canales said. A

long with co-owner Rafe Gabel, they said in their 8 and a half years, they hadn't seen anything like it so up close and in the middle of the day. They say they are committed to their location despite Oakland's reputation for gun violence and were heartened to see witnesses remained at the scene to tell police what they had seen. 

The restaurant owners said the shooting victim may have been accompanied by two teenagers while waiting outside the concert venue. 

The All Time Low concert scheduled for Wednesday night at the FOX Theater was canceled in light of this afternoon's events. The pop-punk band is on tour from Maryland. 

The band posted on social media after the shooting that they put the safety of their fans first. 

Music fans unaware of the last-minute cancellation still arrived only to be disappointed. 

"That's disturbing. I mean like, you know, the whole point of having these great concert venues, trying to revitalize the street is to make it fun for everyone and when you have violence like that it ruins the whole thing," said Nancy Allard, who showed up to go to the concert, not knowing it had been canceled.