World champion cyclist killed by driver in San Francisco

The world of competitive cycling has lost a champion.

Ethan Boyes, a world champion in track cycling, was struck and killed by a car in San Francisco

Friends and fellow bicyclists of Ethan Boyes said they can't believe he was killed. On Friday night, they gathered at the crash site in Park Presidio for a vigil. 

Organizers called for more safety measures including speed bumps. 

Friends told KTVU that Boyes knew how to navigate the city, a place he's lived for decades. They said Boyes used to be a bike messenger. 

But that wasn't enough to keep him safe. 

Police said on Tuesday around 4pm, Boyes was riding along Arguello Blvd. near Washington Blvd. when there was a crash between Boyes and the driver.

"He was struck by a driver who crossed over to oncoming traffic. If Ethan didn't have a chance to respond to that, nobody would have," said Grady.

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Police declined to say if drugs or alcohol were a factor. 

Though, one of Boyes' friends told KTVU people at the crash scene suspected the driver was drunk. 

It's what they smelled on him," said Sousa.

Friends said they will remember Boyes for his sense of humor and kindness.  

"He's the person you'd want to be around. You'd want to hang out with him. Laugh with him," said friend Sydney Parcell.

Friends have organized a celebration of life for him. It will be held at the Hellyer Veladrome in San Jose Wednesday evening. 
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