Young 76ers fans go viral after epic dance off

An epic dance-off that ignited a crowd at Monday night’s 76ers game has everyone talking. The boys who turned into internet sensations spoke with FOX 29's Jennifer Joyce. 

It was during the 4th quarter and Anthony was all over it, but then Dominic stole the camera, which shot back down to Anthony. Shirts came off, moves were tested and green cast was up in the air.

"This is probably the most attention I’ve probably got in my whole life."  Dominic Prybella is a 5th grader at Steven Decatur school in Northeast Philadelphia. He's a student by day and hype man by night.

Dominic, his dad and his brother Angelo have season tickets to the 76ers game. Dominic’s dancing is a regular thing.

"It was just crazy. Everybody was going wild," he said.

Dominic taught FOX 29's Jennifer Joyce some moves before meeting up with dance battle opponent Anthony— a 3rd grader at Abington Friends—later on Tuesday evening.

Dominic and Anthony had their first conversation and face-to-face dance-off Tuesday night. It's pretty clear the beef is over.