Earth Month: Put Plastic in its Place

Here at KTVU FOX 2 and KTVU Plus and we’re launching a project to help put plastic in its place.

Plastics account for 73% of all beach litter and represent a large portion of the trash found in the ocean. 

KTVU FOX 2 and KTVU Plus would like you to consider alternatives to using plastic and ways to reduce your plastic use. For example, replace plastic cling wrap with beeswax paper or look for shops with refillable containers instead of single-use plastic bottles. 

Every small step taken now can make a big difference later.

Below are links and resources to help you reduce your plastic use and learn the proper way to recycle various types of plastic in your area including links to various Bay Area waste management agencies and links to products that can be used as alternatives to plastic.

Let’s all put plastic in its place!

Recycling agencies in the Bay Area

Stores to check out that help reduce plastic use