NBA Champs: Warriors merchandise a hot seller

OAKLAND (KTVU) -- One day after the Golden State Warriors clinched the NBA championship, the team's gear was flying off the shelves at stores on Tuesday and thousands of online orders were submitted.

Dozens of fans lined up inside Oracle Arena to buy championship merchandise and memorabilia from the team store. The line stretched out the door to the ticket sales windows.

"I’m getting some championship gear for my family," Tonia Ho said. "We’re very excited. We’ve waited in line for an hour."

Angela Mota and her friend Valerie Jones said they prefer to find their Warriors gear at brick-and-mortar stores rather than online.

"It’s better to come in person, plus you’re here with all the other fans," she said.

Marty Yongue, director of Retail Operations for the Golden State Warriors, said online sales are booming, too.

"We had a lot of traffic on our website last night," he said. "So much so that it slowed down a little bit, but we’re back up and running."


Baseball caps worn by players in the locker room after Monday night’s win are hot sellers, Yongue said. He added that more championship merchandise will be available in the coming days, but they were already on track to fill 10,000 orders in the last 24 hours.

Yongue warned fans about counterfeit merchandise that will likely be sold at the parade on Thursday. He said there will be two official Warriors team store locations at the parade, one at the start of the route and one at the rally near Lake Merritt.

By KTVU reporter Cristina Rendon.