Bay Area Olympic hopefuls react to games postponement

On Tuesday, the International Olympic Committee announced the summer 2020 Olympics in Tokyo will be postponed because of the coronavirus pandemic. It’s the first time a global health issue has caused the Olympic games to be suspended.

International Olympics Committee considers postponing Tokyo summer games over COVID-19

The International Olympics Committee will take up to four weeks to consider postponing the Tokyo Olympics amid mounting criticism of its handling of the coronavirus crisis that now includes Canada saying it won’t send a team to the games this year and the leader of track and field, the biggest sport at the games, also calling for a delay.

The NCAA tournament that we'll never see: March Madness 2020

Under normal circumstances, many of us would be spending the day with our bracket in hand, transfixed by Day 2 of the NCAA tournament. Coronavirus robbed us of that, so - as a tribute to what might have been, KTVU’s Scott Reiss provides us with a "roll call" of sorts.

Why NBA players get coronavirus tests despite scarce supplies

The NBA said Wednesday that public health concerns drove decisions by multiple teams to administer coronavirus tests to asymptomatic players, a trend which has drawn increasing criticism in recent days due to the scarcity of testing kits.