Steph Curry skipping Summer Olympic Games; what do you think?

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Stephen Curry has decided not to play for team USA in the Olympics this summer in Brazil.  For those of us who were looking forward to seeing the greatest basketball player on the planet suit up for the red white and blue it’s a real bummer.  But can you blame him? 

Curry is beat up.  An ankle sprain forced him to miss two games earlier in the playoffs, and a knee sprain kept him out of four more.  Plus, Curry has played in nearly 200 games since the beginning of last season, not including the time he logged winning the gold medal with team USA at the FIBA World Cup prior to the Warriors championship run in 2014-15. 

Curry cited health concerns in a statement released on Monday. “My previous experiences with USA Basketball have been incredibly rewarding, educational and enjoyable, which made this an extremely difficult decision for me and my family. However, due to several factors – including recent ankle and knee injuries – I believe this is the best decision for me at this stage of my career.”

So what do you think?  Do you support Steph’s decision not to play or does he have an obligation to suit up for his country whether he’s tired or not?  Or maybe you think it really comes down to money.  If Steph were to get injured in Rio it could jeopardize future earnings in the NBA.
Weigh in our poll and tell us what you think.