San Francisco opens first-of-its-kind grocery store where customers don't pay

A new one-of-a-kind market opened in San Francisco's Bayview neighborhood. Shoppers can leave without paying for groceries. They must meet certain criteria to shop at the District 10 Community Market. It is meant to serve low-income residents who don't have access to healthy, fresh foods.

Jobs galore, but with a few cracks: report

The nation got a very good report card on the already remarkably strong job market with better-than-expected results, many of which are better than before the pandemic. Except for nagging inflation, the U.S. economy is booming and the national jobs report proves it.

CEOs got big raises last year; workers didn't

The typical compensation package for S&P 500 chief executives surged nearly 13% last year to a median of $16.3 million, significantly outpacing the 4.1% rise in private-sector worker wages, highlighting the widening pay gap amid rising inflation and financial pressure on American households.