Tornado touches down in Bakersfield

Photo from Sadie Spring shows funnel cloud in Bakersfield on June 2, 2019. 

The Central Valley was hit by a rare tornado over the weekend. 

The twister touched down in an open field in Bakersfield at 5:19 p.m. on Sunday.

Local forecaster and anchor Aaron Perlman of Eyewitness News told KTVU it was the fifth tornado ever recorded in the immediate Bakersfield area.

Witnesses said they saw a funnel make contact with the cloud and the ground, as debris and dust spit out from the funnel.  

There were no reports of damage or injuries. 

It wasn't the only notable weather event that hit the region on Sunday.

"This was also the first time we had measurable rain in Bakersfield for June in 4 years!" Perlman said. "Last time was June 28, 2015... with a trace."