10-year-old Bay Area author releases second book

Makenzie Lee Foster is an actor who had a recurring role on the hit show "This is Us," her first book was award-winning, and she just released her second book. It's fair to say she has been busy. We should also mention that she's ten-years-old. 

Lee-Foster lives in Clayton and loves cupcakes, scooters, and Pokemon. 

She started writing her first book called Kickin’ It with Kenzie: What's Meant for Me Will Be, when she was just five and when she was 8 it went to print. 

"I wanted to be all these different things." Explains Lee-Foster, "So I was kind of stressed out over what I wanted to be or what I should be." 

Five years old may be young, but that's also when she started her acting career with a number of notable roles. "I can't decide there are so many good things but if I had to name one it would have to be this is us." 

Her first book won a Moonbeam award and was a finalist in the Indie book awards. Her second book was just released this week is called Kicking it Kenzie Luckily My Luck is Me. It's all about finding luck within you. Big themes for a little girl who says her mom has supported her through it all. 

"She tells me I can do this I have to just believe in myself," says Makenzie, "I'm this young girl who is starting my own book I should be very proud of that and I am a strong brown woman brown...girl, I'm not a woman yet I wanted to be but I’m not a woman yet."    

Not yet, but Makenzie is just getting started.  "I’d like to become a scientist and make and create things that will make people’s lives easier to live." 

You can buy Makenzie's book on Amazon and Barnes and Noble and Book Baby