16-year-old graduates UC Davis with offers from a dozen graduate schools

A Northern California teenager who is barely old enough to drive now has her college degree.

Tiara Abraham, 16, started taking community college classes when she was 7 years old.

Her parents say she surprised them with her musical abilities, adding that her gift was apparent as soon as she started to speak.

She has already performed at Carnegie Hall and says she's always tried to push herself to improve.

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Tiara sang this weekend at her graduation ceremony and was proud to be able to perform with such "great technique."

Smarts runs in the family.

Her brother graduated UC Davis at 14 years old four years ago. 

Tiara won't be around for long.

With a 4.0 average, she got offers from 12 of the top graduate schools with music programs the country. She's chosen to go to Indiana University. 

KCRA contributed to this report.