18-year-olds arrested after Richmond police officer injured in sideshow

Juan Vargas arrested for attempt murder of Richmond police officer during weekend sideshow and Genesis Diaz-Castaneda, (right) both 18, arrested for conspiracy. Jan. 29, 2018

Richmond police on Tuesday announced the arrest of two 18-year-olds after an officer was hurt over the weekend during a sideshow. 

Juan Vargas was arrested on suspicion of attempted murder and his girlfriend, Genesis Diaz-Castaneda, was arrested on suspicion of conspiracy. The pair had ditched their car, and then tried to report it to police, a story that the department didn't buy.

At a news conference, Police Chief Allwyn Brown described the scene like a "flash mob" of drivers. He also said that Vargas intentionally tried to drive his car into the officer who was trying to break up a sideshow.

Their arrest comes after a wild Sunday in Richmond near Marina Bay Parkway and Regattta Boulevard when a Richmond officer was stuck by a vehicle at 1:20 a.m. and landed on the hood of a car before rolling off, police said. He was transported to a hospital with serious injuries, including some broken bones and cuts to his head, but is expected to survive. He is an 8-year-veteran of the force.