2 cars crash into San Jose apartment, tenant says he's is lucky to be alive

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Two cars crashed into a San Jose apartment early Friday morning and police are investigating it as a possible DUI.

The double crash was reported at 1:20 a.m.  on Meridian Avenue in the Willow Glen neighborhood. The man who lives in the apartment said he feels lucky to be alive. Alfredo Reyez said he was asleep at the time and the one vehicle missed his window by 20 inches.

“I hear the crash by my window and I don’t even think it’s my window, “ Reyez said. “I think it’s in the street. But when I look at it, it’s both sides of my room, in my apartment. I mean my bed is right there. It’s right there. It could have killed me.”

Three occupants from both vehicles were taken to a nearby trauma center. Two appeared to be bleeding from the head. Police say one car struck the Meridian side, and the other crashed into the entrance of the apartment from the driveway - both sides of the same apartment. 

Jose Huitron also saw what happened and noted that one of the people in the cars was injured.

“When I arrived on scene,  the one gentleman was bleeding so bad from his head. It was horrible. When I went to the other car to check on them he admitted to me right away that he reared into the car. ‘Boom!’ He wound up right here.” 

Police do not know if speed was a factor but are investigating the crash as possible DUI.