$2 million SF house being torn down, due to sliding threat to other homes

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SAN FRANCISCO (KTVU) -- With more El Niño storms on the way, demolition crews are fast at work tearing down a red-tagged house in San Francisco.

The home is located on the 200 block of Casitas Avenue, near Mount Davidson and City College of San Francisco.

City inspectors worry that the house might slide down a hill, and into another home.

Public records show the owners just bought the house three months ago, reportedly for $2 million.

A neighbor says the owners planned to remodel the house, and move in next year.

But emergency demolition started Thursday afternoon.

The owner told KTVU, "Primary concern was everyone's safety - the rest of the homes around us and the crew taking it down. That's why they did as much as they could yesterday and they're back now for day two."

Meanwhile, San Francisco city officials gave the owners of five nearby houses 48 hours, to hire engineers and submit a report on the stability of their homes.

Inspectors don't know the exact cause of the ground movement, but the recent rains may be a factor.

The owners of the red-tagged house are not out the $2 million.

They can still build on the site, but they must hire engineers to make sure the construction will be safe.