2 suspects in custody after driver fatally shot near Hayward

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The deadly shooting of a driver at a busy Bay Area intersection led to a massive search for the gunman, a weapon, and an unexpected second suspect caught on a store surveillance video.

A man driving a red Dodge pickup truck was shot and killed while waiting for a traffic light to change in an unincorporated area near Hayward. An Alameda County Sheriff’s spokesman says two suspects, a man believed to be the shooter and a woman believed to be an accomplice, were taken into custody.

The shooting happened about 1 p.m. Wednesday. Investigators said the gunman approached the driver’s side of the truck on foot and fired shots from a handgun.

“A gunman approached his vehicle while he was at that light,” said Sgt. Ray Kelly, an Alameda County Sheriff’s spokesman. “It appears the light was mostly likely red because his foot was on the brake, The gunman came up fired multiple rounds into the car."

A citizen was driving a white SUV behind the truck, also waiting to turn left, and saw it all.

“That person is a very key witness to this investigation because they saw this gunman and they saw the act go down,” Sgt. Kelly said.

Investigators say a law enforcement officer found a suspect matching the description about ¾ mile away from the crime scene. They did not find a gun with him.

"It's a public safety concern having a weapon on the loose. Obviously, it's evidence that's of vital importance to us,” Sgt. Kelly said.

Law enforcement officials looked at surveillance video from a nearby store and discovered that the shooter was dropped off at the intersection of Meekland and Blossom Way in Alameda County by an SUV.

Investigators later located the vehicle and arrested the woman who was driving it.

Sheriff’s deputies conducted a search for the weapon, using K-9 units and a drone. They fanned out to search the neighborhood.

The shooting was a shock for people in what is considered a diverse neighborhood. Neighbors said violence is not common on their streets.

'The last 13 to 14 years, it's only been train accidents, you know,  that were tragic. But other than that, yeah,  this is new. A little scary," said Joyce Sua, who was out walking her dog when she came across the police roadblock.

Another neighbor,  Luis Rios, said he was shocked and that he doesn't see this every day.

Investigators said Wednesday night that in addition to not finding the weapon, they did not have a motive.

They also said did not want to release details on the suspects because they did not want to jeopardize a photo lineup.

The Alameda County Coroner’s office late Wednesday still had not released the victim’s name, as they tried to notify the victim’s family. Sheriff’s deputies said he appears to be a Latino from the Bay Area in his 30s.