3 East Bay sideshows filled with fireworks, flames

Police on Sunday are investigating three separate sideshow incidents across the East Bay that saw fireworks, cars in flames and one person tumbling off a spinning car.

The sideshows happened in Vallejo and two neighborhoods in Oakland.  

KTVU obtained video of the incidents shows which shows people shooting fireworks, a car engulfed in roaring flames, and other incidents. 

A large crowd gathered at Sonoma Boulevard and Lemon Street in Vallejo early Sunday as fireworks went off in the middle of cars doing donuts. At one point a man tumbled off a speeding car.

A similar scene happened in Oakland where spectators surrounded the intersection of Redwood Road and Mountain Boulevard. It's not clear whether anyone was hurt, but video shows spinning cars coming dangerously close to many of the spectators.

And at Seventh Street and Grand Avenue near the Port of Oakland, one car erupted into flames during another sideshow.

The burning car did not stop the show as spectators pulled out their cell phones and took video.

There's no word of any arrests in any of the three sideshows.

Last weekend, a sideshow in Antioch led to three crashes and a car plunging into the river.

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