32 million Californians have unclaimed money - are you one of them?

What do Kim Kardashian, the late Steve Jobs, and 32 million Californians have in common?

They all have cold hard cash waiting for them and you may too. Click here to find out

Cash is being held by the state of California because the owner can't be found.

"It could be a tax refund check that wasn't cashed, it could be a dormant bank account, it could be a utility overpayment," said State Controller Betty Yee.

It took less than a minute of searching the state controller's online database for 47-year old Melanie Lougee to find she's owed more than 700 dollars.

"I didn't know about the escrow accounts at all," she said

It's not just cash that could be waiting for you.

Ken Parnham, a subject matter expert for the state of California sorts through about 25 forgotten or abandoned safe deposit boxes a day.

"I spend all day going through people's stuff, that's the best way to describe it easily," Parnham said.

For some discoveries, time stands still.  A range of orphaned keepsakes including one woman's immigration slip marking her port of San Francisco arrival in the 1920's and a Michael Jackson concert ticket stub.

If you want to talk about most expensive, there's a cascading pile of what's believed to be diamonds.

It's not what sparkles, rather what is earned that interests Parnham most.

Including rare military medals that have been reunited with surviving family members.

More than $1 million that was sitting in a checking account belonging to 2 people in Huntington Beach was just turned over last year.

California gives out about $600,000 in payments every day.

32 million Californians or organizations have property or money waiting for them, either lost, forgotten, or ignored.

Find out if you're one of them by clicking here