9 injured in volcano eruption near Japanese ski resort

Ashes from Mount Kusatsu-Shirane cover near its summit after its eruption in Kusatsu, Gunma prefecture, central Japan. (Suo Takekuma/Kyodo News via AP)

TOKYO (AP) -- At least nine people were injured Tuesday in a volcanic eruption near a ski resort in central Japan, officials said. 

Most of the injured were on the ski slopes, while some were in a gondola where glass was broken apparently by a flying rock, said Makoto Shinohara, an official in Kusatsu town. Five people had broken bones, but none of the injuries were life-threatening. 

The Japanese military said six soldiers who were among about 30 on ski training were buried by a nearby avalanche, but they were all rescued. 

The Japan Meteorological Agency says snow-covered Mount Kusatsu-Shirane erupted around 10 a.m.