Belmont community forced to evacuate due to flood damage

The next round of rain threatens a Peninsula community that's been inundated with water since New Year's Eve.

As of Monday, many residents at the Belmont Mobile Home Park right off of Highway 101 were staying at motels and the homes of friends or relatives. 

The manager said all 80 plus homes have some damage due to flooding. 

"You can see the mold already from the water," Yessenia Perez said as she pointed to a cabinet inside her mobile home.  It's now unlivable because of flood damage caused by recent storms. "

Perez has a photo of her husband carrying their young daughter out of their home when a mandatory evacuation order was issued New Year's Eve for this community.

"I got tears in my eyes but I don't want to cry.  She's getting traumatized because we've been place to place," said Perez.

Place to place meant staying at four different motels during the past week. 

Perez said the motels are part of the help she's received from San Mateo County and the Red Cross.

The manager of the mobile home park has been using a bullhorn ever few hours to urge the few residents still here to leave due to concerns that more rain will bring more headaches.

A KTVU crew caught up with Teresa Terry as she made her way back to her home to retrieve her belongings. 

She said floodwaters damaged her car beyond repair.

But fortunately, her music studio is largely intact for now.

"The carpet has to come out. I don't know what else is damaged. I tried to get all the electronic stuff up but if it gets any higher, it's gone too," said Terry. 

Damaged appliances were sitting out in the open. 

One resident said her refrigerator and washing machine are among the casualty. 

"It was chaotic and terrifying," said evacuated resident Aurora Gallardo. 

"It's the mental health, the stress.  You're not able to sleep. You're wondering when you can come back to your home." 
Evacuated residents have the option of staying at an emergency shelter set up at the San Mateo Event Center on South Delaware Street in San Mateo.

County supervisor David Canepa said there is staff from the Human Services Agency at that site to help people with long term housing. 

He urged those who need help to get in touch with that agency.  

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