A new look for San Francisco's Pink Triangle as Pride goes electric

A new look for the Pink Triangle on Twin Peaks in San Francisco because of coronavirus restrictions

The display has been a part of the pride celebration for 25 years.

But this year, for the first time, it's gone electric.


"The Pink Triangle is a symbol of persistence and a beacon of hope," said Patrick Carney, the founder.

The Pink Triangle is part of San Francisco's pride celebration.

On Thursday night, a small crew tested the 2,700 LED's filled the center: a new look that gives it more light amidst the darkness of Covid-19.

"So much is virtual, we have to have something real," said Carney.

In previous years, the Pink Triangle was filled with tarps that needed 300 volunteers to install.

Social distancing meant a new version of the pink triangle this year. 

"We've been through the AIDS crisis now, we're going through the Covid  crisis. We have lessons to share with the rest of the nation. We know how to get things done and roll with the punches," said Carney. 

Rolling with the punches led to a new partnership with Ben Davis, the mastermind behind the illumination of the Bay Bridge.

"To me, it was part of the spiritual infrastructure of the city," said Davis. 

He said this civic art installation came together in less than three months. On his night, crews worked out the patterns and movements. He hopes they will thrill the audience.

"I'm in love with the city. I feel honored to have the opportunity to work with it," said Davis.

The Pink Triangle was used by the Nazis in concentration camps to identify and persecute members of the gay community.

Now, organizers say it's a much-needed symbol of unity.

"It's about bringing people together, the spirit of community and a sense of awe," said Davis.

An ideal moment to add radiance to this symbol during a time of turmoil.

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"It's important not to forget all the social struggles this city is at the forefront of," said Leo Vinogradov of San Francisco.

"With Covid,  having the light, being able to see it all around will make people feel like they're a part of something larger," said Tyler Luke who lives nearby. 

On Saturday, there will be a small ceremony at Twin Peaks with Mayor London Breed officially turning on the lights.

"Everyone go on your roof. Go on your balcony. Look up on Twin Peaks. It will truly be spectacular," said Carney.

The Pink Triangle will be on display starting Saturday.  It will stay up through July 10th.

The illumination can be seen every day from dusk till dawn.