Alameda County sheriff's deputy gets rammed by suspect, fires shots into stolen SUV

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An Alameda County sheriff's deputy riding a motorcycle on patrol shot at the driver of a stolen SUV Thursday morning after the driver allegedly "rammed and dragged" the deputy, a sheriff's sergeant said. After being shot at, the suspect ran away on foot and is still at large.

The events began unfolding about 9:40 a.m. when the deputy stopped a 2003 GMC Yukon SUV near West A Street at Arbor Avenue for allegedly speeding, Sgt. Ray Kelly said at a news conference.

The driver put the SUV into reverse, pinning the deputy and his motorcycle to the back of the vehicle and dragging them for about 20 feet before the deputy was able to get off his bike, Kelly said.

The suspect then turned the vehicle around and drove again at the deputy, who ended up firing multiple shots through the windshield of what turned out to be a stolen vehicle, according to Kelly.  The suspect then drove away and eventually fled on foot toward West A Street and Royal Avenue. 

 Kelly said he doesn't know if the suspect was hurt but there was no sign of blood inside the recovered stolen vehicle. The deputy suffered some injuries to his arm and hand, Kelly said.  

Deputies fanned out into the neighborhood to search for the suspect in back yards and residents were asked to stay indoors. 

After an extensive 3.5 hour search, officers were unable to locate the suspect and the perimeter was lifted. It is unknown if the suspect was struck by the gunfire but police said there were no signs of significant gunshot injury.