Anonymous good Samaritan pays off $4,000 worth of layaway toys at San Lorenzo Walmart

A good Samaritan anonymously paid off $4,000 worth of layaway items at a San Lorenzo Walmart the day before they had to be purchased – and it was all toys he took care of.

The holiday spirit in San Lorenzo was extended to many shoppers – the exact number unconfirmed – and it will surely brighten a considerable amount of children’s faces come Dec. 25.

Rachel Balance is a single mother in the middle of a refinance with mounting bills. She describes her current stress with trying to make ends meet and touches on the added pressure of the holidays.

So when she received an email saying her entire layaway had been paid off, she was overcome with tears and emotion. Balance had a total of $123.03 worth of her daughter’s Santa items on layaway.

“This is a truly a blessing,” Balance said. “I would love to thank this person.”

It was a reminder to Balance that there are still people who give back and it is her belief that giving back brings people together.