Antioch: Law enforcement agencies investigate multiple officers involved in fatal shooting

A team of law enforcement agencies released the identities of multiple Antioch police officers involved in a fatal shooting of a suspect on Monday.

Those directly involved in the incident were Theodore Chang, Ryan McDonald, Scott Duggar and Eric Rombough. The suspect was identified as 57-year-old Guadalupe Zavala.

According to investigators, Antioch Police Department officers responded to multiple 9-1-1 calls of someone firing multiple gunshots near Dove Court on Dec. 10 at 1:11 p.m.

At the scene, officers confirmed one man was armed with a rile wearing military-style, camouflage clothing and body armor underneath.

Zavala entered into his home on Dove Court upon the police's arrival, and police issued a shelter-in-place and evacuation efforts for neighbors, APD stated.

The Brentwood Police Department, Pittsburg Police Department, and the Contra Costa County Sheriff's Office also arrived for immediate support, and Antioch's Special Weapons and Tactics Team and the Crisis Negotiation Team came shortly after. 

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Police said Zavala barricaded himself in the home and fired his rifle 30 times at officers, homes and cars. After an hours-long stand-off, Antioch's negotiation team attempted to negotiate a peaceful resolution when a fire started inside the home at 7:07 p.m. 

Zavala left the house and fled to the backyard, where SWAT officers fired their weapons, investigators said. The suspect died from his wounds at the scene.

Antioch Police Department Investigations Bureau, the Contra Costa County District Attorney's Office, and the Department of Justice California Police Shooting Investigation Team are working to investigate this incident in line with the county's Law Enforcement Involved Fatal Incident protocol.