A's home opener brings fans together, but future uncertain

While the future of where the Oakland A's will play is still unknown, fans came together for the home opener Thursday night, when they faced the Los Angeles Angels. 

Fans said they're excited baseball is back.

At the same time, they said they're wondering what the future holds. They're concerned that the A's will leave Oakland. 

Before the game started, fans chanted, "Let's go Oakland" as they celebrated with tailgate parties in the Coliseum parking lot. 

Some said they came more than five hours before the game started. 

"Don't I look good in green and gold? It goes good with my hair," said Mary Ann Waterman, a fan from Millbrae.

Despite the festive mood, fans said they're frustrated.

"I'm ecstatic. I'm hopeful.  I love opening day but how many opening days do we have?" she said. 

That is the question: Will the A's stay in Oakland or leave for Las Vegas? 

"To be honest, the A's are the heart and soul of Oakland. We really need these guys to stay here," said Brian Musante of Oakland.  

Dave Kaval, the president of the A's, declined to speak about the team's future. Mayor Sheng Thao did not attend the opener. Both have said they are in active negotiations.

Chris Dobbins, a former commissioner with the Oakland Alameda County Joint Powers Authority which manages the coliseum complex, weighed in on the future of the A's.  

"The A's talked about moving in 1979.  They talked about moving in 1998 when they were going to go to Fremont, then San Jose," Dobbins said. "The A's have talked about moving for a long time. I definitely think that's hurt attendance." 

In the stands, the red and blue sported by Angels fans were clearly visible among the green and gold. 

And there were plenty of empty seats.  

But hope springs eternal for A's fans who've been coming for years.

"Just like the beginning of spring. Baseball, we just love it," said Sandra Ferron,"People will say the attendance is low. You know what,the fans are here," said Sandra Ferron of Martinez. 
 Another fan held up an A's banner and urged the team to "stay in Oakland. We love you."  

According to the A's, nearly 27,000 people attended the season opener.

The team's lease to play at the Coliseum ends after the 2024 season. 

But for now, it's unclear what will happen after that.

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