Bacteria water samples clear several San Francisco beaches for swimming and surfing

Although the water will be cold this weekend, the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission had some great news for beach goers within the city.

The SFPUC announced that it was taking down 'no swimming' signs at China Beach, Fort Funston, Crissy Field West, and Ocean Beach at Balboa to Fulton and Pacheco to Taravel and Sloat.

Officials announced that repeat water samples collected at these locations Friday, had bacteria levels below health concerns.

However, Ocean Beach at Lincoln to Noriega and Vicente, Crissy Field East, Mission Creek and Islais Creek remained posted. Officials will take more samples at these locations on Saturday, and will be available on Sunday.

Authorities are cautioning beachgoers, that during and immediately after rainstorms, concentrations of bacteria could build up near the shore, since there weren't a combined sewer discharge.

San Francisco beach water quality information is available at, or on the Recreational Water Quality Hotline at (415) 242-2214 or toll free (877) 732-3224.

The San Francisco Public Utilities Commission routinely monitors shoreline bacteria at 16 stations in the city, that are popular for swimming and surfing. The SFPUC conducts additional monitoring whenever a treated discharge from the City's combined sewer system occurs that affects a recreational beach.