Band members in Santa Rosa have worn same uniforms for 30 years

A Santa Rosa high school marching band is raising money to rock some new uniforms.

Band members at Elsie Allen High School ave been wearing the same uniforms for 30 years.

They're now trying to get $23,000 to pay for new ones.

Year after year, the former instructor would stitch and fix up the old uniforms, but the current band teacher says they've outlived their use.

The band purchased those new uniforms recently, but they still have to pay off the bill.

"The challenge was when I came here, and I saw the uniforms, I was like, ‘Whoa, these are old,’" said band leader Efrain Nava. 

An online fundraising page shows the band has made it about halfway to its goal.

The band teacher says students have been fundraising non-stop.

"The kids did a remarkable job," Nava said. "They were hitting up people at the supermarket, like ‘Hey, would you like to donate towards our fundraiser?’ They did an amazing job."

This Friday, the band will raise money at its spring concert.

IF YOU'RE INTERESTED in helping the band, click here.