BART restores train service after derailment, 'human error' a potential factor

Bay Area Rapid Transit fully restored service in the East Bay on Tuesday morning following a derailment a day earlier. A transit spokesperson says human error is one factor under consideration in the ongoing investigation. 

BART riders did not need the bus bridge between Walnut Creek and Rockridge after officials said emergency repairs and inspections made it safe to use the Yellow line where the derailment happened. 

The train caught fire when it derailed on Monday morning. Several passengers were treated for minor injuries. 

The disruption to service was so short-lived, transit officials said, because there was no damage to the tracks or switches. 

The derailment occurred when the train passed over the track-switching complex just east of the station. The transit agency had initially said this was due to a computer failure. 

The operator had been ordered by train control to stop and switch the train's route manually since the train control's remote equipment was unable to trigger the activation. 

After the crash, AC Transit buses were temporarily used to move BART passengers between the two stations.