Bay Area braces for freezing temperatures

Some of the coldest weather of the winter season has settled into the entire Bay Area. The National Weather Service forecasted lows to dip into the upper 20s and mid 30s for most places Monday night into Tuesday morning. Even before sunset, the chill had started to set in. 
“This is pretty much what we have left in stock,” said Brian Johnston, pointing to the few remaining heaters still on the shelves.

Johnston, the closing manager at Hassett Ace Hardware in San Jose's Willow Glen neighborhood, said the current deep freeze heated up sales. The store’s inventory of space heaters was in high demand, leaving a few bare spots on the shelves.
“It’s more than just the heaters. I mean the furnace filters as well and a few other items. But the heaters are always the big items because everyone needs to be just a little bit warmer,” said Johnston.
Late Monday, a front from the north killed any hopes of warming weather. Winds made the "real-feel" temperature worse than the actual air temperature. 

To help ward off the chill for the less fortunate, Pastor Scott Wagers continued his crusade for the homeless.
“People out here are not even thinking about long-term housing or the tiny homes program. They’re thinking about surviving the night,” said Wagers.
For the second straight night, Wagers, the pastor of CHAM Deliverance Ministry, was handing out blankets to those who’ll sleep outside in near-freezing temperatures. On Monday night, he targeted a small encampment near Story Road and McLaughlin Avenue.
“If the news is about a blanket, thank you god all the way down (to the) only begotten,” said one homeless man who was riding a bicycle. “it makes a big difference.”
They are small shields against the unrelenting elements, as the Bay Area gets a true taste of winter.
“It doesn’t take a lot for people to die of exposure,” said Pastor Wagers.
Homeless advocates stress donations are needed on days of extreme cold or heat and encourage people to donate to their favorite charity. As cold as it is now, it’ll be coldest just at sunrise.