Bay Area braces for major storm

The Bay Area is bracing for another large storm to roll in Sunday afternoon into Monday.

Parts of the Bay had a slight break in the rain Sunday morning, but the previous storms have already created many problems. 

In Pleasanton, Gold Creek's water level is still abnormally high, with erosion happening along the creek bed and along Pleasanton canal.

Homes in the area are preparing for more rain with sandbags and tarps. 

In the Santa Cruz mountains, Highway 17 is still down to just one lane in each direction. The lane closures span from Granite Creek Road to Scotts Valley, because of a mudslide that happened there earlier in the season.

Caltrans has been working on repairs, but they had to stop because of Friday's rain.

They say that repairs will not resume until the latest storm passes. 

In Sonoma County, a cemetery is flooded after some trees crashed through a water main.

It happened Saturday morning at the Valley Cemetery on East MacArthur Street. 

Three large trees hit a water main, creating small rivers and causing plenty of damage. 

Two nearby homes were also threatened, but sandbags kept the water away. 

In Oroville, the water level is down at Lake Oroville but people remain on alert and one evacuation center is still open. 

The water level is 46 feet below the top of the Oroville Dam.