Bay Area bridge tolls going up again on Jan. 1

Motorists are just one month away from another toll hike on the seven state-owned Bay Area bridges.

Voters approved bridge toll hikes four years ago, in hopes of improving roadways and transportation.

On New Year's day, drivers will be a dollar more to cross bridges throughout the Bay Area. In most cases, tolls will bump up to $7 for each crossing.

"Regional Measure 3 was approved by a majority of the voters back in 2018 so it was baked in the cake before the pandemic began," said the Metropolitan Transportation Commission’s John Goodwin.

The upcoming increase is the second of three that voters approved. The first took effect New Year's Day 2019; the second will be on January 1, 2022; the third in 2025.

No one knew that the pandemic and the inflation it brought with it was coming.

"I certainly understand that frustration that people have with the rising cost of everything," said Goodwin.

However, the $4.5 billion increase will fund regionwide projects for BART, the Capitol Corridor, ferries, and improving the flow of goods in the supply chain. Some of those specific projects around the Bay Area include easing traffic congestion and highway interchange and bridge improvements.

"Those are tangible projects that one can point to," said Goodwin.