Bay Area lawmakers say US postmaster general’s sudden delay in changes isn’t enough

Lawmakers from around the Bay Area spoke out Tuesday in support of the U.S. Postal Service, and against what they say is a Trump administration effort to sabotage mail service in advance of the November election.

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi spoke in front of one of San Francisco's biggest postal distribution centers in the city's Bayview District, saying the Trump administration is trying to sabotage the postal service for political gain.

"And they're trying to undo it," said Speaker Pelosi. "Why? because they want to interfere with the election."

Postmaster General Loius DeJoy has said changes to the postal service, removal of mail boxes and sorting machines is part of an effort aimed at reforming postal service and saving money, and announced tuesday that the post office would put off any changes at the post office until after the November election.

The speaker saying the changes already made by the Trump appointee have already sabotaged the Post Office to the president's benefit, and steps must be taken now to prepare for November's elections.

"I don't, frankly, trust the postmaster general in what he said," said Speaker Pelosi. "And, if he's sincere about it, it means the bully has backed off."

Joining the speaker from his own district, Representative Eric Swalwell.

The former Democratic presidential hopeful saying voters need to start planning for a plan b now, like ballot drop boxes in Alameda County and even in-person voting, in case efforts to cripple the post office continue.

"The president can continue to sabotage and we expect that he will continue to try and do that," said Swalwell. "But, by having events like this, and this is not the only event in America. Across the country there are events like this at most post offices raising awareness about the need to keep the post office going."

Representative Barbara Lee also spoke out and said the administration wants to privatize mail service and disenfranchise voters.

"The postal service is now saying that they will delay any changed until after the election," said Rep. Lee. "But, we still need to have a full accounting of why these changes were made. And I don't trust them even after the election."

Speaker Pelosi has recalled house members who are set to vote Saturday on Delivering for America Act, which would provide $25 billion for the postal service.