Bay Area residents prep for potential weekend flooding

MARIN COUNTY, Calif. (KTVU) We are getting a break from the wet weather Thursday, which means Bay Area residents have a chance to prepare for the drenching rain storms that will hit the Bay Area this weekend.

The weekend's storm could bring serious flooding.

In San Anselmo people are coming to fill sandbags in the parking lot of the tennis courts on Sunnyhills Drive. It's one of many sandbag stations set up in this area. 

Homeowners are bracing for several inches of rain and are worried about nearby creeks overflowing their banks. 

Emergency workers are preparing for all sorts of problems - from flooding to downed trees to widespread power outages.

PG&E is doubling the number of crews for the weekend to respond quickly to outages. 

People in Marin County are taking the warnings seriously, trying not to be caught off guard.

Meanwhile Marin County officials are preparing to open up an emergency command center to manage the storm related issues that come up.