Bay Area survivors slam serial rapist

Bay Area victims of the serial predator known as the Golden State Killer and East Area Rapist had their say in court on Wednesday. Also in court was the convicted killer's one-time fiancee.

"He raped me. He stole my innocence, my security," Mary Berwert said in Sacramento County Superior Court as Joseph DeAngelo sat impassively.

Berwert was only 13 when she was raped b DeAngelo in Walnut Creek in 1979. Her hands were still tied behind her back when she rushed to tell her father.

"'Daddy, I’ve been raped,' He flew out of his bed. He started crying. I’d never seen him cry before," she said.

Less than three years later, she found her father dead from a heart attack.

"I believed that he died of a broken heart," Berwert said. "If I hadn't been raped, I thought my father would still be alive. And that man killed him slowly."

A woman confronted and accosted by DeAngelo in San Ramon back in 1978 told him, "I am free to leave this courtroom and lead the live I choose. You are going to spend the rest of your miserable life in a cage in the company of other evil men."

Gladys Reder was raped by DeAngelo in Danville in 1978,

"I will not devote any more words or thoughts to a worthless scum that can do such despicable things. I’m moving forward," Reder said.

Gay Hardwick, who was raped in Stockton in 1978, said she was stunned that DeAngelo was once a police officer.

"To learn that DeAngelo, sworn to serve and protect, used his training and skillset to terrorize, and rape and murder for years, was staggering," Hardwick said.

Jane Carson-Sandler was raped by DeAngelo in Citrus Heights in 1976. As a Christian, she says she's torn.

"I want to say, 'May God have mercy on your soul.' But then there’s another three-quarters of me that just want to tell you, buddy, to rot in hell," Carson-Sandler said.

Carson-Sandler was accompanied by Bonnie Colwell, DeAngelo's one-time fiancee. In one of his attacks, the victims said he sobbed and said, "I hate you Bonnie."

"I can see that 'I hate you Bonnie' was the result of your frustation because you lost control over her. But she bears none - none - of that responsibility for your violent choices, and we consider her one of us," Carson-Sandler said.

Relatives of the couples murdered by DeAngelo are expected to speak in court on Thursday. Judge Michael Bowman is scheduled to sentence DeAngelo on Friday to multiple life terms in prison.