Golden State Killer arrives in prison to start life sentence

A former police officer who eluded authorities for years as the Golden State Killer has arrived in state prison to begin serving multiple life sentences for rapes and murders that terrorized much of California in the 1970s and 1980s.

Family members of murder victims assail Golden State Killer

Tearful family members of people killed by Joseph DeAngelo assailed him Thursday for stealing away their loved ones as he escalated his attacks from burglaries and rapes to a series of horrific murders that terrorized California four decades ago.

Golden State Killer sentencing

Victims of Joseph DeAngelo, a man known as the Golden State Killer for decades of murders, kidnappings and sexual attacks across California, are addressing him in court in Sacramento. He will be officially sentenced for his crimes later this week.

Victims address Golden State Killer ahead of his sentencing

Joseph DeAngelo will listen to “victim impact statements” from Tuesday to Thursday in Sacramento County Superior Court, which will be given by those he confronted or who lost family members during the decades-old crime spree.

California man free after DNA site leads to new arrest in murder

A man who spent about 15 years in prison after being wrongfully convicted in the slaying of his housemate has been exonerated after authorities used extended DNA links developed through publicly available genealogical websites to build a family tree that led to the arrest of a new suspect.

Golden State Killer case to be tried in Sacramento County

The man accused of being the Golden State Killer, who is charged with murders in Orange County and other jurisdictions around California, will be tried in Sacramento County, prosecutors announced Tuesday in Santa Ana.