Bay Area woman offers $10k reward for safe return of French Bulldog

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A woman is going to great lengths to find her French Bulldog "Sassy Pants" who she calls a member of the family.

Six-year-old Sassy Pants went missing on June 21st. Kelly Kinnard says Sassy Pants was being watched by a dog sitter in the Ignacio Valley neighborhood of Novato in Marin County when she chased after a squirrel and went missing. She was off -leash at the time, and was wearing a pink color and tags.

Kinnard is offering a $10,000 reward for her safe return. "Because we miss her so much...we are absolutely heartbroken and desperate to find her. We love her and miss her so much it hurts."

Sassy Pants does have a microchip, but that would only work if she was taken to a shelter or a vet that scans for microchips.

Kinnard has called 50 local vets, contacted more than 50 dog walkers, mailed out 500 postcards and hired a private investigator. They have contacted countless shelters across the Bay Area as well as Animal Control. They have also started a campaign and have posted on Craigslist. They even hired a pet detective who tried to track Sassy Pant's scent - which they say didn't work - and hired a pet psychic.  

Kinnard believes Sassy Pants was either stolen and sold, or is being kept by someone.

She says they won't rest until they find her. "We owe that to her and ourselves."

Anyone with leads or information is asked to contact


Sassy Pants from Simon Cheung on Vimeo.