Bed Bath and Beyond cashiers held up at gunpoint in Oakland

The Bed Bath and Beyond near Oakland's Jack London Square has been the scene of two armed robberies this month. 

"I'm just somebody who's now afraid to go to work at my minimum wage job," says an employee who asked we not identify her.  

The worker told us about the first robbery which happened to a co-worker, a woman in her 80's, "She is literally a sitting duck. She sits on a stool. He pretended to buy something. He handed her cash and when the till opened he presented his gun to her."

According to Oakland police, that incident happened last Tuesday around 11 a.m.

The worker told KTVU the store closed for a few hours but re-opened later that day with little done to ensure their safety.  

"No security protocol changed. In fact, our security guards just there for show to be completely honest. They just wear a jacket. They're not allowed to detain anyone." 

Nearly a week later, investigators say the store was robbed again by a different person. This time it was around 6 p.m. Monday. 

Police say it was done in a similar fashion as the first. With the suspect coming in armed with what appears to be a firearm.

Demanding money from the cashier and leaving on foot. In both cases, no one was physically injured.

However, the worker says the emotional pain is there and that's why she's speaking out.  Hoping the company does something before it’s too late. "Our silence is going to do anything other than create a situation where someone could potentially get hurt and this person could very well be a customer who is innocently shopping."

Bed Bath and Beyond did not respond to KTVU's numerous requests. Oakland police investigators say they have some leads and are reviewing surveillance video.  

At this time police say the robberies are unrelated.