Best Bay Area beaches, according to KTVU anchors

A break in the rain at Bodega Bay Head, California

August 30th is National Beach Day. 

Whether you spend time on beaches ocean-side, at a lake or river, why not grab a towel and cooler, and head out to your favorite body of water today?  

Below is a list of some of our FOX 2 anchors’ favorite Bay Area beach recommendations.

Dave Clark

Lovers Point Park and Beach, because it’s beautiful, it’s close, and because of its great atmosphere!

Alex Savidge

Our favorite is Stinson Beach. It’s a great little beach town, with lots of shells and neat rocks at the beach for my boys to collect.. Plus, the drive up over Mount Tam always makes it feel like a real getaway for us. We also enjoy Crown Beach in Alameda because the waters are nice and calm for the kids. 

Andre Senior

Ocean Beach because they’ll let you set up a bonfire!

Allie Rasmus

My family loves Crown Beach because it’s easy to get to from the East Bay. There is plenty of sand to play in, and minimal waves to worry about with small children. It’s lovely to see the San Francisco skyline in the distance. Also convenient – in the summertime it’s usually about 10 degrees warmer in Alameda, than it is across the Bay.