Bodies recovered of 3 men who drowned trying to save child in Sacramento Delta

The three men who went missing in the Sacramento Delta after rescuing an 8-year-old child who was struggling in water on Sunday were found dead, authorities said.

The Rio Vista Fire Department said the bodies were recovered Tuesday evening. 

Family identified them as Edwin Rivas, Edwin Perez, and Danilo Solorzano.

Law enforcement and fire officials had been searching for the missing men for days after they jumped into delta near the Three Mile Slough Bridge in Sacramento County to save a child in the river. The men were presumed to have drowned, officials said. 

The child was pulled to safety, but the three men were presumed to have drowned. 

Two other men also jumped in to help, but they were able to get out of the water.

Juan Cabrera was one of the men who survived the incident.

"This happened so fast, three people, my friends…and we used to come here all the time," Cabrera told KCRA.

"My heart is broken," said Elmer Rodriguz, also a friend of the three victims who drowned.

In a Facebook post, the Rio Vista Fire Department offered condolences to the victims' loved ones. 

"While we wish the outcome of this incident was very different, we continue to hope for healing and closure for the family and friends of those lost," the fire department said.

Sheriff's deputies said the victims were part of a group that was out fishing on the river bank over the holiday weekend.

Officials with State Parks explained the water currents are extreme throughout the Sacramento San Joaquin River Delta system.

"This is an unguarded swim beach, so we do not have lifeguards on duty it’s mainly a fishing access off of an unregulated trail in the state park… this is title unguarded water so the water was moving at the time," said California State Parks Capt. Paul Wissler, Captain with California State Parks.