Bomb squad called in for explosive devices found after domestic violence call in Fremont

Evacuations have been ordered for an area of Fremont after authorities located explosive devices in a business on Industrial Place on Sunday, police said.   

Earlier, police were called to a report of domestic violence in the north end of town and arrested a suspect and prepared to seize his registered firearms, Fremont Police said.      


Officers learned that firearms were most likely in several safes located at the suspect's business on Industrial Place. Search warrants were obtained, and upon opening the safes, several explosive devices were seen, Fremont Police said.   

The area was evacuated and a bomb squad from the Alameda County Sheriff's Office was called in to destroy the explosives. The bomb squad was continuing its work as of 8:06 p.m., police said.   

According to police, there is no threat or danger to the community.