Boy suffers heart attack after being hit by soccer ball

16-year-old Jose Agredano admits he is a lucky young man after being hit in the chest by a ball during a soccer game.

Jose is a midfielder at Hollister High School, and when the ball hit him during a game in Watsonville last week, his mother knew something wasn't right.

Jose said, "It felt like I got the wind knocked out of me. I thought I could walk it off, but after a few steps, I couldn't see anything anymore".

Jose's mother Gina is a doctor and it was Gina that concluded that her son was having a heart attack. She began giving him chest compressions, and when paramedics arrived she told them to bring a defibrillator- which ultimately saved Jose's life. 

Doctors say the prognosis is good- just one more small test and Jose will get a 100% clean bull of health.