Bride asks man with father's heart to walk her down the aisle

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Newlywed Jeni Stepien's dad was killed 10 years ago, but she still had a part of her father walk her down the aisle on her wedding day.

In 2006, Stepien's father was shot and killed in a robbery. He spent 24 hours on life support. When she and her mother were told progress would not be made, they decided to donate his organs. 

Months later, she received a letter from Arthur Thomas, the man who now has her father's heart, thanking her family. 

For the past 10 years, the family has kept in contact with Thomas through calls and letters- but had never met. Stepien decided to not only invite him to her wedding, but to ask him to walk her down the aisle as well. She says she wanted to feel as though her father "could be there with her in some way." 

Thomas is active and healthy. He travels the world with his wife and plays with his grandchildren, and he thanks his second heart for that. 

"After all he has his heart", her wedding website says, "And now Jeni's can continue to heal".