Cal Fire takes extra steps to ensure PG&E power outages won't slow response times

Cal Fire crews are preparing for this Red Flag warning and the high winds and low humidity that come with it. They're taking extra steps to make sure the power outages won't slow their response.

The planned PG&E power outage has everyone coming up with contingency plans, including Cal Fire. 

They know their normal routes may be slowed by traffic signals that are out, and their normal water supplies may not work.

Deputy Chief Mike Marcucci with Cal Fire says, "Our concern is that maybe those well pumps aren't having a generator back up, maybe there isn't water at some of those places that we normally would get water from. So we're dealing with that now, going out in the community to ensure those things are still working."

They've also hired some local water tenders, brought in additional dispatchers and they've got 25 extra engines stationed around the Bay Area.

Marcucci says, "That's an extra 100 firefighters. We've got 3 extra hand crews in the Santa Cruz mountains that we don't normally have. We have bulldozers staffed 24 hours a day. If it has wheels and seats, we have people in it."