California family without power for 2 years

Dozens of people gathered in an East Los Angeles neighborhood this weekend to show their support for a mother and her four children.

That's because the family has been living without power and gas for nearly two years.

The family's apartment was badly damaged in a fire, which gutted the power and gas lines.

And they have been forced to use a generator to heat their home and cook their meals.

Frustrated family members say they are getting no help from their landlord or city leaders.

"It shouldn't be like this," Jeremiah Espinoza said on Sunday. "They can't force the landlord to come and fix. And my mom has called the health department and other departments. She is also on hold. They say they can't force the landlord to do anything." 

In an interview with LAist in April, the 18-year-old said he learned how to use a generator to charge his laptop, which he needs to complete school assignments.

"There are days where I can't charge my Chromebook," Espinoza said. "Since the power went out, I haven't been able to have WiFi… Sometimes I have to go to the library or another family member’s house just to finish my homework."

Espinoza’s mother, Erika, told LAist she has filed complaints with the county’s Department of Public Health, but the landlord has failed to make repairs. 

"Where should I go?" she said in Spanish. "The rent is too expensive. With six people and two little dogs, I don't have the ability to pay a very high rent right now."

So far, the landlord and los angles city leaders have not responded to this weekend's rally.

But the family's supporters say they will continue to hold rallies until power is restored to this home.