Live: California primary election results for US Senate and House races

As part of the California primary on March 5, there is a race for one of the state's Senators plus primaries for all 52 congressional districts.

In California, Democrats, Republicans, independents and other party candidates compete against each other in an open primary. The top two candidates advance to face each other in November. The exception in California are the presidential primaries, which are held separately for each party.


Adam Schiff wins California Senate primary race

Democratic Rep. Adam Schiff has won the California primary, positioning him to become the state's next US senator.

There are actually two votes in the primary for the Senate seat. The first vote is about finding someone to serve the remainder of the late Dianne Feinstein's term, which expires at the end of 2024. The second vote decides who serves a full six-year term in the Senate. 

There is a primary for every congressional district in the state, because members of the House of Representatives serve two-year terms.

Scroll down to see detailed results from the Senate and House primary elections in California.

California Senate primary vote

California House of Representatives primary votes