California storms force movie stars, royals to evacuate

Mother Nature doesn't differentiate between mere mortals and movie stars.

The entire seaside community of Montecito in Santa Barbara County -- home to Prince Harry, Oprah Winfrey and other celebrities – was ordered to evacuate on the fifth anniversary of deadly mudslides there.

Ellen DeGeneres shared an Instagram video of herself standing in front of a raging creek near the Montecito home where she lives with her wife, actor Portia de Rossi. She said in the post that they were told to shelter in place because they are on high ground.

"This is crazy!" the talk show host, wearing a hoodie and raincoat, says in the video. "This creek next to our house never flows, ever. It’s probably about nine feet up and is going to go another two feet up."

Jamie McLeod’s property was under the Montecito evacuation order, but she said there is no way for her to "get off the mountain" with a rushing creek on one side and a mudslide on the other. The 60-year-old owner of the Santa Barbara Bird Sanctuary said one of her employees came to make a weekly food delivery and is stuck, too.

McLeod said she feels fortunate because her home sits on high ground and the power is still on. But she said she tires of the frequent evacuation orders since the massive wildfire followed by the deadly landslide five years ago.

"It is not easy to relocate," said McLeod. "I totally love it — except in catastrophe."

KTVU contributed to this report.