Cancer survivor & Vietnam War vet wins lottery

source: Virginia Lottery

A breast cancer survivor in Virginia says she is celebrating another victory in her life, in fact, six more victories.

Donna Boyd-Warren won a combined $150,000 from six winning tickets in the July 15 Virginia Cash 5 drawing.

“I’m lucky,” she said as she received her check from the Virginia Lottery.

She said that about twice a week, she would buy the same set of numbers on six tickets.

In this drawing, she had the numbers 6-13-15-33-34.

She had wagered 25-cents on each play, which meant that she won $25,000 for each winning ticket.

Boyd-Warren's cancer is now in remission.

She is a U.S. Army veteran who served in Vietnam.

Her husband served in the Navy, while their son currently is in the Air Force.

According to the Virginia Lottery, Boyd-Warren intends to use her winnings to pay off bills, donate to her church, and to fund cancer research.