Car slams into Redwood City home after brakes went out, homeowner says

A BMW slammed into a Redwood City home early Friday morning, but the man and his dog inside weren't injured.

"What a way to get woken up," Sam Chaknova, a manufacturing engineer at Zipline, told KTVU.

He said it was just about 5 a.m. when he heard a "big crash" and glass shattering and "I kind of just knew."

He threw on his pants to find a car in his living room at his newly bought home on Farm Hill Boulevard. He was OK as he was in his bedroom. He rushed to the driver, who told him that his "brakes had gone out" and when he tried to make a turn, he had lost control."

The driver had a slight laceration to his hand, Chaknova said. Other than that, he didn't know many other details about why it happened. Police later said they arrested the 30-something driver at the scene for possible DUI charges.

Chaknova had planned to renovate his home, and now that his home is yellow-tagged, his renovations started a bit early. "There's nothing we can really do but repair it," he said.