Carjacking suspect shot and killed by Newark and Fremont police officers, CA DOJ investigating

Newark police say a carjacking suspect was shot and killed after multiple agencies located the car at the Chase Suites Hotel Thursday in Newark. Police didn’t say whether the suspects were men or women, but they did say the suspects were adults. California Attorney General Rob Bonta said the shooting is now being investigated by his office. 

After police arrived, shots were fired and one of the suspects was killed.  

Around 3:20 in the afternoon Newark police said they were alerted by community safety cameras that a car they believed had been carjacked was back in the area. The car was spotted at the Chase Suites Hotel on Cedar Boulevard. 

Around 6:30 Thursday night, Newark Police, Fremont Police and the Southern Alameda County Major Crimes Task Force arrived at the hotel. 

A news release on Friday from State of California Department of Justice said the shooting happened at around 4:46 p.m. The State DOJ also announced they will independently review the shooting, since it involved officers from Newark and Fremont's police departments.  

"Just sitting inside the office and all I heard was pow-pow, pow-pow-pow!" said Ted Jimenez, a witness who says he heard gunshots.  

As officers were attempting to arrest the two carjacking suspects, one suspect was shot and killed by multiple officers. Newark Police say first aid was given to the suspect, but they didn’t survive.  

"Not all shooters have been interviewed at this time, but it’s our understanding that there are officers involved from both Newark and Fremont," said Capt. Jolie Macias, with the Newark Police Department. 

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Macias says the second suspect was also shot and taken to a nearby hospital with non-life-threatening injuries. That suspect has been released from the hospital and is now in custody. Police say a weapon was recovered at the scene and no officers or bystanders were hurt.  

"The district attorney is out here. They’re on call," Macias said. "[The] officer-involved shooting team is here on scene conducting their own independent investigation. There will be independent, internal investigations that will be conducted by both Fremont and Newark Police departments as well."

Newark police had initially said because officers were involved in this shooting death that multiple investigations will have to be conducted and that it could take some time to complete. They said they’ll release more information as it becomes available.