Carolyn Clark Elementary school raises money for Free the Children

SAN JOSE, Calif. (KTVU) - If music, dance and fashion are anything, they are expressions of the world's diversity - providing an opportunity to not only learn about other cultures, but to know those who represent them.

Bernadette Marias is a 5th and 6th grade teacher and the service director helping the children with raising money for many of the charities that they support.

This year they decided to do a show to raise money for Free the Children. "The show is basically made up of multicultural dances. A lot of the dances are choreographed by the students themselves" said Marias.

Carolyn Clark Elementary school's service club chose to do a show to raise money for a charity called Free the Children - a global organization that helps third world families improve their lives by providing goods, service and financial aid for such things as clean water, education and other essential things.

The costumes were made by teachers and or donated by parents. The multicultural show is for children to be proud of their heritage and background and to share their diversity with their community and the diversity of their school.

One hundred and twenty students, kindergarten through sixth graders, are taking part in the show.

"Here at Carolyn Clark, besides the strong academics, something that we really push is giving back to the community and making students aware that they can make a difference," said Bernadette Marias.

This is what Free the Children is all about. Perhaps 11-year-old Arjun Shivkumar said it best, "So let's join hands today and create a world where children can be free and explore their full potential."